The Audio Verse Awards


Congratulations to the amazing Stacey Taylor for winning the Audio Verse Award for Best Actress in an Ensemble Role for a New, Ongoing, Production, for her performance as The Librarian in series two of Ray Gunn & Starburst!

We’re so proud of all of our cast and crew who picked up a whole host of nominations in this year’s Audio Verse Awards! In total we received nominations in eleven categories and were finalists in three.



Ray Gunn and Starburst Series 2 Indiegogo Campaign Is LIVE!

ray gunn SERIES TWO indiegogoHello and welcome from the cast and crew of the all new science fiction adventure, Ray Gunn & Starburst!

Set in the year 2005 (as all the best sci-fi classics are), newly divorced, Raymond Gunn finds himself lying flat on his back in some seedy bar, on some seedy asteroid, in some seedy corner of the galaxy, when suddenly Starburst, a teenage girl and her AI, S.U.I.T (Survival Utility Intelligence Technology) burst into his life, with adventure, heroism and maybe a bit of blackmail on their minds. Cue the beginning of the rest of his life. Will he manage to become a hero? Will Starburst break away from her shady past? Will the narrator actually be allowed to finish a story without irritating protagonists interrupting?

Well actually, the answers to all of these questions have been, mostly, rounded up in series one, which you can listen to for free here on this website. BUT now we have an all new adventure for our hero and her useless band of sidekicks! (Yes, Starburst is the hero, just in case you all forgot that).

This time round it’s about, well, time, time travel to be exact. Enter the mysterious Librarian, curator of the Infinite Library – though it’s not really infinite, that would be impossible…probably – who enlists Ray and Star on a dangerous and terrifying mission. Meet a hitch hiker who travels along time lines, and definitely knows more about our heroes than they are letting on. And not to forget intergalactic megastar Jason Lightyear and some moon shuttle hijacking pigs!

Intrigue! Mystery! Romance (sort of)! Unnecessarily complex plot lines involving time travel and techno babble! Did we mention the pigs? It’s all here in Series Two.

Ray Gunn & Starburst is AWESOME! But we would say that, wouldn’t we? You know who else thinks Ray Gunn & Starburst is awesome? Starburst Magazine. They gave Series One  9/10. You can read their review here.

Support the Indiegogo campaign here.

Welcome the world of Ray Gunn & Starburst!

ray gunn kickstarter promoWell, it’s more like the galaxy of Ray Gunn & Starburst than the world, but that sounded odd, so…

Ray Gunn and Starburst is a six part audio adventure about two *cough* heroes making their way across the galaxy, righting wrongs, showing evil where to go and eating danger for breakfast!

With the help of Starburst’s somewhat cranky AI S.U.I.T. they must stop the evil Castelan Lar, head of the Darkley’s Empire, who is hell bent on taking over the galaxy and ruling it with an iron fist, and delicious pastries.

The project was fully funded via Kickstarter in February 2015 with recording taking place in March 2015. Postproduction then continued through the Summer of 2015 and the series is now complete and available to download for FREE from our Downloads page.

The series was written and directed by Holly Rose and produced by Ian Sharman and features the voice acting talent of Dominic Westerland, Georgia Humphrey, Holly Rose, Ian Sharman, Richard Thompson, Alyson Leeds, Amy Harrison and Damien Valentine.